17 - Test History

How to view and understand your test history. [02:21]


  1. Let's go back and take a look at the history. Now, we've talked about the history earlier, when we were talking about the results, where we talked about the test results from a previous test. This is what the test history will look like once you've actually done some testing.
  2. Now, keep in mind what I said earlier about our API settings. If we go into API settings and say we don't want to store results, we won't get this button. To eliminate confusion, everybody is set to store results by default. That was not the case in earlier versions of Tenon, but now it is.
  3. You'll always have this View Results, unless you say don't want to store it. Now, this is a list of all of our tests that we've done. It [inaudible 01:04] all the way down to our beginning. We don't give you every single test run. Some people have thousands and thousands and thousands. We give you a partial list of the last hundred or so.
  4. Here's your test history. Now, again, as I said before, you can filter by your project, and then here's some of the other information here. The unique ID, that's actually only the last several characters of your unique ID. When it was, what the API response was, what the URL was, the project, the issue counts, and then that linked to View Results.
  5. If you end up with a situation where you are anticipating test results and you're not seeing them, you may want to come in here to take a look because what you want to see is 200.
  6. If there's something wrong with the URL, let's say, the URL that you've entered, you've entered an incorrect URL and it can't be found, then this would have a 404 in it and stuff like that.
  7. That's important to take a look for in your test history because this is the only place that is shown. This is a quick overview of your test history and we've discussed the results in our earlier video.