15 - Upgrade your account

Instructions on upgrading your account. [02:56]


  1. Let's talk about upgrading our account. The link to upgrade is located in your profile. You go here, you can click on this button that says Upgrade Account, and you're taken to our pricing screen.
  2. On the pricing screen you can choose between annual pricing or monthly pricing. As you can see here, the monthly price is higher. If you want to save some money, choose annual pricing. Then you would want to click on the subscribe button for the plan that you want to subscribe to.
  3. You'll get to the check out screen. As you'll see here, because of the fact that I had already entered my name and my billing address, and all that sort of stuff, that stuff is already filled in. The top box here shows us the plan that we've selected, including the subscription type, the billing frequency, the amount, so on and so forth.
  4. Account information shows name and email. Billing address shows the address. At the bottom is the credit card information. I will enter my name, enter my card number, my expiration date, my CVV code from the back of my card, hit Subscription. It processes, and I get my confirmation screen.
  5. The confirmation screen says that I'm successful. I have subscribed to the Business Yearly plan. The confirmation email is sent to that account, and the details for my plan. That is upgrading.