09 - Retrieving, changing API key

How to retrieve your API key and how to change it if needed. [02:01]


  1. There are a lot of third-party applications, or modules, or plugins, or what have you, that use Tenon, such as Joe Dolson's Access Monitor for WordPress, the Grunt plugins, the Gulp plugins, Node modules, the Open Scholar plugin.
  2. A lot of these require you to use your API key, so let's talk about how to find your API key. Once you're logged in, on the left you'll see a link that says API Key. This will display your API key to you. If you hit Copy, it'll copy it to your clipboard, and then you can save it for later and paste it somewhere.
  3. Keep in mind that your key is your key. When you put this into something, don't commit it to version control on a public repository, like GitHub or something like that, because if other people get that, they will use your key and run up your usage.
  4. If you need to generate a new API key because you've accidentally exposed, it or something like that, you can click that button that says Generate New API Key. It'll tell you, "Are you sure you want a new key? This will overwrite your existing key."
  5. In other words, if I say OK to this, my key here will be completely destroyed and removed from our system, and a new one will be created. I click Yes, I get a new key. This is my new key, and anything that I had used the old key for is gone forever.
  6. That's your API key. Use it, and have fun with it.