06 - "Test" Now when logged in

Using the "Test Now" feature when logged in. [01:48]


  1. In the previous video, I said that this is called test now, just like the demo on the home page, and it operates identically. Let's walk through that because this does some other interesting stuff that we want to keep in mind.
  2. This is going to be where we enter our URL or our code snippet just like before. I'm going to enter Google, and then I'm going to click this analyze button. This works, again like I said, exactly the same.
  3. The only difference, literally the only difference is that this in this UI, the login user UI. That's really it. What's interesting though, is that this test run that I just run goes into our default project.
  4. Every user, when they created a Tenon account and they confirm it, part of that confirmation process is to create a default project. This UI for test now, really just exists for you to do a really quick test. It's going to go into the default project, and it's there for you to do really quick testing.
  5. There are some other ways that we think are better or easier for doing testing in more robust ways, and so we'll keep that in mind because this is a pretty fun feature. It goes, like I said, here, into your default project.