05 - Forgotten password reset

How to reset your forgotten password. [01:31]


  1. Now let's talk about retrieving a lost password. If you have registered and confirmed your account, but you somehow didn't or can't remember your password, on the sign in screen, on the login screen, there's a link that says, "Forget your Password." You click on that. Then you are taken to the Recover Lost Password page. Enter your email address, and you'll be sent a link to do that.
  2. We go now to my Gmail account. Here I am for my forgotten password. I'm going to get a link here to do that. I click that link to reset. Now I'm at a password reset. I'm going to enter my email address. Then I'm going to create a new password. Enter that new password again. Hit OK, and I'm reset.
  3. Now I'm able to log in with my new information, and there we are.