04 - Tenon UI

Understanding the Tenon user interface. [01:47]


  1. Now that we're logged in, let's take a look at the Tenon user interface. This is the design, and look and feel of the Tenon user interface that you're going to be interacting with, no matter what you do. We'll talk about each of these individual locations in later videos.
  2. I just want to show a couple of the pieces. This is the left side navigation. Dashboard is the current view that we're on. History is going to show us the history of our tests. Projects is projects. Profile is your profile, and all these other things are obviously self-explanatory.
  3. There are two other pieces here that you're going to interact with frequently, I'm sure. This is the Test Now that you get when you're logged in. This operates exactly like the one on the home page demo. I'll go through and do a demo of this in a different video, but you can understand pretty easily, if you've seen that video, that this works the same way.
  4. This is what we call the My Account menu. If you click on this, you'll see a couple of things. Basically, Dashboard, Profile, and Log Out. Dashboard, of course, goes to the same dashboard as the Dashboard link on the left, and so does Profile. Profile goes to the same link that you can see on the left. Then, Log Out is obviously log out.
  5. Upcoming videos, we'll talk about each piece of this.