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Support Policy

This is Tenon's support policy for accounts on It is likely to change as we grow.

No support for Third Party products/ code or example code

We do not provide support for systems created by others. We cannot guarantee that they've properly implemented our API and cannot answer to support requests, buts, or feature requests.

We often create experimental/ example code and publish it on Bitbucket. Such experimental/ example code is not supported by us.

No guarantee of support for free users

While we accept and encourage feedback from all users, we cannot guarantee a response for users on free accounts. You should consider support one of the many benefits of paying for the service.

Submitting Support Requests

Twitter and Facebook are not recognized support forums for Please email us at or submit a support request online. Remember, the more detailed you can be, the better. Detailed requests are always resolved faster because it reduces back & forth messages.

Support Procedures

  1. After you email us at or submit a support request online, we will make a quick determination of the urgency of your request and respond back with an estimated time to resolution.
  2. 'Critical' requests are those directly relating to downtime of our systems and will be addressed with the utmost urgency. We cannot guarantee any specific resolution times as there may be circumstances beyond our control. Nevertheless we will provide honest and transparent details on the situation as it evolves.
  3. 'Bugs' are those usability or operability issues which cause the system to behave oddly or in non-intuitive ways. We encourage you to submit bugs, as we treat all bugs seriously. All bugs are triaged according to severity and business impact. When you report a bug, we will acknowledge it and will identify the specific bug ID in our internal issue tracking system. While we cannot guarantee a status update, we do encourage you to follow-up to ask for status on resolution of the issue. All other things being equal, bugs relating to test quality and user accounts/ payments are given highest priority.
  4. 'Feature Requests' are those items that relate to the creation of new features or non-bug-related improvements to existing features. We encourage you to submit feature requests.