Known Issues

Known Issues with accessibility tests

The following are issues with the accessibility tests on Tenon. Under most circumstances, bad tests will be revised or eliminated immediately upon noticing the problem. However, the tests below are not bad tests but rather in need of improvement. If you're experiencing any of the below issues you can turn the test(s) off within your test settings.

  • TEN-4251 Test 98 should not map to WCAG 2.4.4
  • TEN-4580 Test 152 should only map to WCAG 2.5.5
  • TEN-4877 Test 268 is logging the inner content, rather than the label itself

Known Issues with the web UI

The following is a list of known issues within Tenon's Web UI. The issues below are bugs that cause features to work incorrectly or not work at all.

  • TEN-3999 Table sorting incorrectly. Values < 1 but > 0 are treated as though they are < 0.
  • TEN-4244 Dashboard loading causes CPU of DB to spike to 80%-100%
  • TEN-4278 We need a new way of deleting projects. Because of the potentially massive number of records associated with a project, the delete process takes a very long time and may even time out.