Change Log

This page lists changes to the website and API. Only the most relevant items are listed here. We rarely include things here related to security improvements or purely-internal things that would not make much sense out of context. We encourage you to review this page periodically, especially if you have chosen to unsubscribe from system updates.

Our approach to the content on this page was modified in June 2021:

  • This changelog is now one long table ordered by the date they were resolved
  • Only the most user-relevant things are listed
  • Items marked as "Bug" are removed from this list after 90 days because, at that point, they are no longer relevant
Date Issue Type Issue key Summary
9/7/21 11:11 Story TEN-5699 Improve Wording on metered subscription email
9/7/21 9:32 Task TEN-5795 Delete test 275
9/7/21 9:31 Task TEN-5787 Delete tID 122 & 124
9/7/21 9:31 Task TEN-5790 Delete tID 58
9/7/21 9:30 Task TEN-5783 Delete tID 151
9/7/21 9:30 Task TEN-5786 Remote tID 124
9/7/21 9:28 Task TEN-5797 Delete test 256.
9/7/21 9:28 Task TEN-5799 Remove tID 43.
9/7/21 9:27 Task TEN-5800 delete tID 71.
9/7/21 9:25 Task TEN-5807 Remove tID 07
8/30/21 4:53 Bug TEN-3960 `ApiLog` and `Queue` have memory leak
8/11/21 10:02 Task TEN-5169 Modify `tenon-projects` to support api V2
7/26/21 9:19 Bug TEN-4993 Customer's API calls not automatically replenishing upon payment of invoice.
7/23/21 18:24 Bug TEN-5163 Phone Number in our automated emails is incorrect
7/23/21 18:23 Bug TEN-5167 Editing global config does not appear to work on prod. Settings are not saved when submission occurs
7/23/21 17:54 Bug TEN-5029 Pay along text overlap
7/22/21 19:33 Bug TEN-5718 Lower certainty score for test 148 to 60%
7/19/21 11:57 Bug TEN-5730 Report generator not working
7/12/21 8:15 Task TEN-5707 Add frontend validation for fields passed to API2
7/7/21 7:48 Story TEN-5703 Error creating metered subscription
7/6/21 16:08 Story TEN-5702 PC add user email validation on email domains whitelist should be case insensitive
7/5/21 9:53 Story TEN-5701 Update the population descriptions
7/2/21 9:14 Story TEN-5700 Validation on verifier fails unecessarily
7/1/21 12:06 Story TEN-5698 Wording on subscription email to customers is wrong
6/30/21 11:16 Bug TEN-5694 User with expired plan, but who has available boosts, cannot create a project
6/24/21 6:32 Task TEN-5170 Add APIV2 params to Default API fields in user profile, admin, and project add page
6/22/21 16:05 Story TEN-5684 Add preview video to training landing page
6/20/21 15:01 Task TEN-5188 Verify some tests
6/20/21 14:52 Story TEN-5676 Document that reports API requests can take a `format` parameter and that all of them can be `json` or `csv`
6/19/21 20:48 Bug TEN-5672 Modify video player to allow user to resize without maximizing
6/17/21 15:22 Task TEN-4919 Create a resolved issues report
6/11/21 10:12 Bug TEN-5670 Reports endpoints are sending duplicate responses
6/9/21 8:48 Task TEN-5659 Make it so all PC users are given access to training on PC instances
6/8/21 12:48 Task TEN-5661 Add training materials licensing agreement
6/7/21 12:36 Task TEN-5392 Move test improvements into API1
6/4/21 8:08 Task TEN-5393 Move test improvements into API2
5/12/21 8:23 Bug TEN-5644 Sending source to API2 returns 500 because of a problem with SourceSaver
5/10/21 11:15 Bug TEN-5642 Test 269 should not throw if inner (a11yText) is empty
5/7/21 16:06 Bug TEN-5640 Interval field on sitemonitor form results in validation error
5/5/21 19:40 Task TEN-5637 remove tenon-check from the Get Code page. Replace with Tenon Toolkit
4/28/21 21:23 Bug TEN-3879 test 175 is flagging legit lang codes
4/28/21 21:23 Bug TEN-3665 tID_136: list of allowed codes should include lang codes with locale
4/27/21 10:07 Bug TEN-5179 getComputedRole has one unfinished role mapping for 'cell'
4/26/21 10:37 Bug TEN-5065 test 269 should not throw for things like `<nav>`, but rather for things like links and buttons
4/22/21 19:52 Task TEN-5617 Reduce certainty of test 35 to 60%
4/22/21 17:33 Task TEN-5205 Tests should be scoped
4/22/21 13:26 Bug TEN-5171 Delete test 272
4/22/21 11:02 Task TEN-5605 Delete test 235
4/16/21 10:55 Bug TEN-4799 improve test 147 - should only find things in first row or first column
4/14/21 5:09 Task TEN-4767 Make tests 104, 231 && 232 more robust
4/12/21 18:44 Bug TEN-4627 Troubleshoot issues with isValidUrl plugin
4/12/21 18:02 Bug TEN-5325 Troubleshoot issues with testLang plugin
4/12/21 15:26 Bug TEN-5324 Troubleshoot issues with isComplexTable test plugin
4/9/21 10:29 Task TEN-5576 In fragment file, add an ID to the `<body>` element that indicates it is a fragment test
4/7/21 8:01 Bug TEN-4773 Test 216 returns the label, not the object being labelled
3/31/21 14:53 Task TEN-3402 Add whitelist & blacklist capabilities to spider
3/24/21 13:31 Task TEN-5498 In the test verifier: if the user answers "not sure", do not require comment
3/24/21 11:16 Task TEN-5497 In the UI to add site monitors, "interval" field should present user friendly options list for intervals
3/23/21 9:23 Story TEN-3387 Provide UI control to stop spider job
3/23/21 5:38 Task TEN-3480 Provide UI control to "Re Run" a project.
3/2/21 12:34 Task TEN-3434 Create report generator
2/25/21 15:34 Task TEN-5264 Upgrade production database to mysql 8
2/6/21 10:33 Task TEN-5387 Add Tenon Training Content To Tenon WWW
2/2/21 8:02 Task TEN-5370 Change wording of email sent when API key is changed. Do not include the API key in the email
1/21/21 14:02 Story TEN-5351 Modify code for Sitemonitors to reject bots
1/5/21 14:53 Story TEN-3156 Add iconfont test utils to tenon-plugin-utils
12/18/20 15:51 Task TEN-5199 Enable utf8mb4 support in MySQL
12/9/20 11:28 Task TEN-5305 Update Tenon Terms of Service to state that overuse be billed at $0.04 per request
12/1/20 17:34 Task TEN-5211 Create Global Stats Reports API endpoint
11/23/20 20:30 Story TEN-5261 Add API V2 documentation
11/22/20 10:15 Story TEN-5247 Enhance jquery-dims plugin to also get viewport location information
10/5/20 11:13 Story TEN-1746 Add button for users to delete individual apiLog entries
9/23/20 21:32 Task TEN-5098 Ensure we have a history-by-url report endpoint in Reports API
9/8/20 10:47 Story TEN-907 Provide the ability for users to delete themselves
8/11/20 9:02 Story TEN-4803 Create "intelligent caching" of reports
3/9/20 14:09 Epic TEN-4729 Create endpoint that can test HTML emails
3/4/20 22:56 Story TEN-4914 Remove webhooks feature. Nobody uses it.
2/6/20 9:25 Story TEN-4892 Create reports API endpoint, getIssueInstanceByID
1/4/20 10:58 Story TEN-4552 Add ability for users to cancel and manage their subscriptions
12/26/19 15:40 Task TEN-4760 Test ID 71 should be modified to look for any type of content that would create an accessible name
12/24/19 16:04 Story TEN-3698 Add ability to "export" Reports as spreadsheet
12/24/19 16:04 Story TEN-3901 Create a mechanism of sharing reports
12/4/19 18:21 Task TEN-4768 Test 199 should pass `role="presentation"`
12/3/19 11:35 Story TEN-4776 For probability report: Add probability per page
12/1/19 11:42 Task TEN-4771 Add 'count' and 'frequency' to probability page
12/1/19 11:42 Task TEN-4770 Create Verification Tool
11/27/19 9:56 Story TEN-4761 Add probability scoring to issue stats
11/25/19 11:44 Story TEN-4720 Need test: unlabelled form field with placeholder
11/25/19 11:23 Story TEN-4699 Create new test: unnecessary role applied to element
11/13/19 8:04 Task TEN-4334 Verify accuracy of tID 93
11/13/19 7:54 Task TEN-4421 Should test 156 not throw for mouseover/ mouseout etc?
11/12/19 14:08 Story TEN-4724 Need new test: Overlapping text found
11/8/19 8:38 Story TEN-2518 Save the source (and assets) of every file tested
11/8/19 8:19 Story TEN-4084 Adjust documentation of test 156 to reflect new changes in logic
11/8/19 8:08 Task TEN-4621 Remove tests 253 & 103 from database
11/8/19 7:48 Story TEN-4706 Create new report: Project Page Summary report
11/8/19 7:45 Story TEN-4731 Remove tID 39 from tenon-www
11/7/19 8:42 Task TEN-4707 Move tID_272 code into a plugin
11/6/19 14:00 Story TEN-4700 Create new test: Disallowed role applied to element
11/6/19 10:47 Story TEN-4739 Modify test ID 42 to use getAccessibleName
11/4/19 18:37 Story TEN-4730 Remove tID 39 from tenon-tests
10/25/19 9:20 Task TEN-4435 Handle apiLog scaling at high utilisation
10/23/19 11:29 Story TEN-4710 Delete tID 264. Turns out although it is an icky pattern, some people do it.
10/23/19 11:23 Story TEN-4708 Remove bpIDs 184 and 185 from the database as they are duplicates
10/21/19 16:30 Story TEN-3500 Add the Remediation Guidance to each issue's API response in the resultSet array
10/21/19 16:30 Task TEN-3551 tenon-api should support basic realm authentication passed via URL
10/21/19 16:29 Task TEN-3200 Test API should retrieve the page title at test time
10/21/19 16:09 Story TEN-1920 Add affected populations to each issue in the Test API response
10/21/19 16:09 Story TEN-1936 Add metadata param to TestAPI
10/21/19 16:08 Story TEN-1919 Add content category to each issue in the Test API response
10/21/19 16:01 Story TEN-1042 Separate connection timeout and processing timeout to be two different options
10/21/19 16:00 Story TEN-463 Add 'severity' node to each test and issue result
10/20/19 21:48 Story TEN-4654 Add new report to reports API: Distinct issues by xpath
10/19/19 10:42 Story TEN-4655 Add new report to reports API: Distinct issues by snippet
10/19/19 10:34 Task TEN-4481 Test settings should also show which WCAG SC is mapped
10/18/19 18:33 Epic TEN-2032 finish getComputedRole plugin
10/18/19 18:21 Story TEN-3106 Create a unified API response format
10/17/19 13:05 Task TEN-4631 Document test 262 onblur event on form field (low certainty, WCAG F9)
10/17/19 13:04 Task TEN-4632 Document test 263 check for referenced item (aria-labelledby or aria-describedby) that is aria-hidden="true"
10/17/19 13:02 Task TEN-4634 Document test 174 ARIA role overrides good role
10/17/19 13:02 Task TEN-4633 Document test 264 <a> element with text inside it might be a link
10/17/19 13:00 Task TEN-4635 Document test 265 Link with non-link role
10/17/19 13:00 Task TEN-4636 Document test 266 Invalid ID in use
10/17/19 12:54 Task TEN-4628 Document test 271: rotated text found
10/17/19 12:53 Task TEN-4629 Document test 270: multiple sequential headings with nothing in between
10/17/19 11:09 Task TEN-4637 Document test 267 determine whether a legend in a fieldset is the first child
10/17/19 11:05 Task TEN-4638 Document test 268 interactive features inside of label
10/17/19 11:04 Task TEN-4639 Document test 269 aria-label/ aria-labelledby content is different than visible text
10/15/19 12:50 Story TEN-4153 Need test: onblur event on form field (low certainty, WCAG F9)
10/15/19 9:19 Story TEN-3756 Need new test: interactive features inside of label
9/23/19 14:24 Task TEN-4672 Do not delete old users on private systems
9/12/19 11:18 Task TEN-4449 finish the getComputedRole plugin
9/12/19 7:10 Task TEN-4624 revise test 144
9/4/19 10:32 Task TEN-4483 Need new test, rotated text found
9/3/19 11:57 Task TEN-4376 Need test: multiple sequential headings with nothing in between
8/29/19 11:53 Story TEN-4117 Need test. <a> element with text inside it might be a link
8/29/19 9:44 Story TEN-4140 new test: check for referenced item (aria-labelledby or aria-describedby) that is aria-hidden="true"
8/27/19 6:40 Story TEN-3888 Need test: Invalid ID in use
8/25/19 11:28 Task TEN-3794 New Test: determine whether a legend in a fieldset is the first child
8/16/19 13:45 Task TEN-4622 Eliminate test 39 from tenon-tests