We take accessibility seriously here at This page documents Tenon's level of accessibility. If you notice an accessibility issue, please contact us with details so we can ensure it is addressed.

Compliance information

We provide fully detailed compliance information for the following standards

Current known accessibility issues.

We are currently tracking the following accessibility issues. Each of them are combined with work arounds:

  • TEN-850 State/ Province field on checkout screen does not have a label.
    • When you select your country from the <select> element labelled "Country", it introduces another field after it. This field doesn't seem to have a label or required state associated. This is the "State/ Province" field. If you are in the United States this field will be another When you select your country from the <select> element populated with the relevant options. Otherwise it will be a text input field
  • TEN-1862 Keyboard trap trying to shift+tab out of the "Test Now" field in the Dashboard
    • The user interface to Tenon uses ARIA Landmark roles. The only thing that exists "before" the Test Now field is the navigation.